Date: 23/08/2014

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40cm X 50cm Artist Canvas
40cm X 50cm Artist Canvas
40cm X 50cm Artist Canvas

Our hand assembled canvases are of an exceptional quality, and come in a variety of ready made sizes for your convenience:
Canvas Type:
9.5 oz. 100% Cotton Duck is a strong canvas, suitable for all canvases sizes. Heavier weight canvas (12 oz) is also available as a choice for larger canvases. Once the Canvas Stretcher is assembled the canvas is then ‘Hand Stretched’ on to the canvas frame, leaving a professional clean edge.
Wood Type Used:
Non-warp laminated softwood frames are used on all our canvases up to 250cm. Beading is integral to the stretcher frames used on all of our handmade canvases to raise the 100% Cotton Duck fabric away from the frame and thus eliminates the risk from creases. The thickness of the wood with beading is around 36mm (1.5 inches), with staple free sides.
All canvases can be bought with high quality Titanium Acrylic Gesso applied. This makes the canvas suitable for oils and acrylics (optional.)
Cross Bars:
Extra wooden supports across the canvas stretcher will be added if needed, to make the frame much stronger. This is to prevent the canvas warping in any way.
Manufacturing Time:
Canvases of this size can take up to 7 - 10 Working days to make. You will be contacted with a delivery date prior to dispatch.

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Canvas Variations
#1 Primed Canvas £4.40
#2 Heavy-weight Canvas £2.64
#3 Heavy-weight Primed Canvas £6.60

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